chasing the soul (novapsyche) wrote in cafe_brighid,
chasing the soul

Listening to REM (an ode to sound)

The piano in my ear
jingles in the curves, the soft pedals

crushed like velvet underfoot,
rose petals bruised by toes

desiring violet gravity.
The strung hammers, swollen

by the thrum of vibration,
drum through the liquid medium,

quiver into the skin of sound
(skimmed like stones on an ocean

black with space, a vacuum
vortex swirled into motion).

The perfume of order
blossoms along every nerve, furthering

itself into every square inch
of muscle. The blood yearns

to lie in the shape of that piano,
to take the depth of that grave

and fashion it into air.
Woe, the baby grand.
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